The Basil J. Vlavianos Project is an arrangement and description project of the University Library, Department of Special Collections and University Archives at California State University, Sacramento.

In conjunction with the CSUS Public History Program, the Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection, and the Hellenic Studies Program, the project provides a valuable educational experience for graduate students in Public History, Library Science, and Hellenic Studies by offering training in archival methods while concurrently making accessible a historically significant, unprocessed manuscript collection. 

The project explores methodologies for surfacing hidden collections and the possibilities of new digital media for contemporary archival representation.Conceived as cooperative, interdisciplinary, evolving and extensible, the project aims to surface a voluminous, multimedia manuscript collection to a wide audience of scholars, students, and teachers. It also aims to facilitate thematic connections with relevant holdings in other repositories in order to further scholarly research.


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