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Welcome to the Virtual Tour of the Library at California State University, Sacramento! The University Library is located in the center of the CSUS campus. It is housed in a 270,000 square foot building with two wings containing over one million volumes. Its collections are designed to support the research needs of CSUS students, faculty, staff and also those of the Sacramento area community. This virtual visit will allow you to explore our facilities and services and learn how to locate needed items efficiently when you visit in person. Click here for library hours.

Navigating the Virtual Tour

You may explore by going through the building sequentially using the right arrow button at the bottom of each page or use the elevator buttons in the column on the left to pick a floor number. The button for the floor you are on is highlighted in green as shown on the left where all the floors have the green highlight. If you have a particular area for which you need information, use the links to the Library Floor Maps or the Library Directory located under the elevator buttons to go directly to a specific floor, department or service point.  Since the entire Library has wireless connectivity, you could even take this Virtual Tour at the same time you are physically walking through the building with laptop in hand.

NORTH and SOUTH Wings and Elevator Buttons

Throughout this tour and on all library handouts we refer to various areas of the Library by their floor number and the designation NORTH or SOUTH. When you visit the Library you won't need a compass, but you will need to know which wing you are in to locate the specific material or collection you are looking for. The Library was constructed in two parts. The NORTH Wing was build in 1975 and contains six floors, all served by the North Elevators. The SOUTH Wing was added in 1990 and has three floors served by the South Elevator. These wings are connected by a central area know as the Link. An escalator connects 1 NORTH and 2 NORTH. A central stairway and elevators in the NORTH wing accesses all floors and a Link stairway connects 4 North, 3 South and 2 South.

The Library Main Entrance is located on 1 NORTH near the Information Desk. We'll start the tour there. Click on 1 N button or the right arrow to begin the Virtual Tour.


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This Virtual Tour was created Spring, 1998 by Linda J. Goff during her sabbatical leave.

LJG: Updated 11/5/04