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Suspensions and Fines

Items are due on the due date. Due dates may change. All due date reminders and other notices are sent via email. To avoid overdue fines and other account blocks, make sure your email address is current and monitor your Library account regularly.

Library fines are assessed on all library items and accrue 365 days a year, even when the Library is closed.

Library privileges (checkouts and renewals) are automatically suspended for all patrons owing $10 or more. Privileges are reinstated when the fines are paid in full.

General Circulating Collection

Due dates for general circulating items are emailed to you at the time of checkout. A monthly Activity Summary, which includes due dates and fines, is emailed at the beginning of every month. You can also sign in to your Onesearch My Account to verify due dates.

When an item is forty-five full days overdue, a $60 lost item replacement fee ($50 book cost & $10 processing fee) and a $10 lost item process fee (overdue fine) are assessed. The lost item replacement fee is credited when the item is returned.

All items are subject to recall. If an item checked out to you is recalled, you will be notified by email of the new due date. If the item is not returned before or on the new due date, a $10 overdue fine will be automatically assessed. There is no grace period. Patrons should be aware that all notices are to be considered a courtesy only.

Course Reserves

Course Reserves items are short loans and due back by a specific time on the due date. Due dates and times are stamped on the due date slip (usually on the inside cover of the book). The due date and time is also emailed to you at the time of checkout.

Two-hour and 24-hour loans are assessed a 25 cent per hour overdue fine.
Three-day and one-week loans are assessed a 25 cent per day overdue fine.

All overdue Course Reserve material is subject to additional In-Demand fees if the item is requested while overdue. A maximum of two $5 In-Demand fees may be assessed per item.

The maximum overdue fine per Course Reserve item is $20.

Course Reserves checkout privileges are suspended when:

  1. An overdue item is requested after accruing two In-Demand charges, or
  2. Three In-Demands are charged within one semester, regardless of the item.

Suspension of Course Reserves privileges will block automatic and online renewals of regular circulating materials.

When an item is forty-five full days overdue, a $60 lost item replacement fee ($50 book cost & $10 processing fee) is assessed in addition to the overdue and In-Demand fines. The lost item replacement fee is credited when the item is returned.

Laptops, Tablets, VGA and HDMI Cables

Laptops, tablets, and cables (equipment) are due no later than 4 hours after checkout. All equipment is due one and a half hours before closing. Equipment cannot be checked out overnight. The due time is emailed to you at the time of checkout.

Equipment is assessed a $10 overdue fine when late.

Equipment checkout privileges are temporarily suspended until the overdue fine is paid in full.

Equipment checkout privileges are suspended for the remainder of the semester when:

  1. A second equipment overdue fine is incurred within one semester, or
  2. Equipment is kept out overnight.

The replacement cost for lost or damaged equipment is determined by IRT.

Collections and Academic Holds

Sacramento State students owing $10 or more will have a registration and transcripts hold placed on their academic record until the fine is paid in full.

UC Davis and other CSU students will have holds placed on their academic records at their home campus.

After 30 days, unpaid fines of $70 or more are forwarded to the Bursar's Office for collections. Additional collection costs may be due.

Payment Options

All payments can be made at the User Services Desk in the Library. At this time the User Services Desk accepts OneCards and Courtesy OneCards for payment.

Fines forwarded to collections may also be paid at the Bursar's Office.

Lost Item Replacement Options

Certain lost items may be eligible for a reduction of the lost item replacement fee.

Options include:

  1. Pay the in-print price, if less than $50, or
  2. Provide a replacement item (Librarian authorization required)

Please contact User Services to see if your item is eligible.

Note: Up to $50 of the lost item replacement fee may be reduced. A $10 non-refundable processing fee is included in the lost item replacement fee. Overdue or lost item process fees are also non-refundable.

Theft or damage to Library items are subject to prosecution by provision of the California Education Code.